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    METALSHIP is an independent and privately shipowning company. METALSHIP is a member of the Tunisian "INTERMETAL group" which is owned by a strong financial Group involved amongst many other projects in the hot rolling of merchant and reinforced bars. It has a production capacity of 300 000 tons per year.

    METALSHIP operates since May 2007 a sea river vessel between Rhone River and Italian and Tunisian ports till November 2008 date of purchase of new building bulk cargo MV RADES.

    The philosophy of METALSHIP behind it is to combine chartering of vessels and to be involved in the transport of liquid cargo from and towards Tunisian ports. By providing efficient and high quality service METALSHIP demonstrates its total commitment for the satisfaction of our customers in many areas such as grain, steel products and crude oil.

    METALSHIP employees have extensive track records on managerial levels with major ship owners and charterers for both tanker and cargo vessels. Since the company was established, METALSHIP has been successfully gaining business with good satisfaction and backing from the product suppliers and shipowners.

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    Shipping, TransportationNulla tempor fermentum orci

    Metalship is the Tunisian privately owned company that will, by all means, grant your satisfaction when it comes to maritime transportation. Metalship will ship your cargo from anywhere to anywhere.

    Products and services Nulla tempor fermentum orci

    Our service ranges from shipment of your cargo to arranging intermodal and related activities, handling, storage, delivery, stevedores, chartering and other related maritime activities.

    Charterer - ShipsNulla tempor fermentum orci

    If for any reason you intend to charter a ship (time or voyage), we will be the one you can count on. Our extensive knowledge, skills and now how will be the guarantee you would want to rely on .

  • Chart

    This is the Commitment of MetalShip to provide a safe and pollution preventive environment within the required rules, regulations and recognized standards, in drug free and anti-bribery environment.

    The present Policy sets the qualifications of her personnel as a basis for achieving all objectives. Setting the Management System aims at reaching the ISM objectives as well the overall MetalShip objectives basing the Management on five main elements:

    - Policy & Objectives

    - Planning

    - Operations

    - Checking and verification

    - Review

    By the virtue of this Policy, MetalShip commits to:

    1. 1. Providing the required resources
    2. 2. Providing a state of the art maintained and well operated vessels
    3. 3. Providing adequate and real time communications
    4. 4. Providing unlimited and unconditional support to vessels where, on top of other support, the Master has the overriding authority to act or order aiming at implementing the present Policy, thus ensuring a safe and environmental protected workplace.
    5. 5. Improving the present System within a customer satisfaction in providing the required services .

    The above commitment aims at:

    Reducing to the extreme minimum if not totally eradicate the loss of human lives and set a proactive approach to injury, safeguarding the vessels and equipment and protecting the environment, especially the marine environment and enhancing customer satisfaction.
    The present Policy is reviewed at the occasion of the Management reviews.

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    Address: : Z4, rue Moularess Saint Gobain Megrine 2033 Tunis Tunisia
    Tel: +216 71 428 234 / 71 426 088
    Fax : + 216 71 297 146
    General Manager: Capt Samir BOUCHNAK
    E-mail: samir.bouchnak@metal-ship.com or metalship@metal-ship.com